Send Voice SMS in your very own voice (or any pre-recorded sound message, including music) and Send Voice SMS to Landline and Cell phones any product in India.

For what reason would you utilize a voice SMS benefit?

Naturally, you might be to some degree reluctant to participate in an organization of this sort. In the age of the web, for what reason would you have to send a voice SMS? In reality, the fitting reaction exists in the request itself. Various parts of India don’t approach web organizations. Various people can’t deal with the expense of web packs on their phones. In what capacity may you have the ability to get in touch with them? This is the time when a voice SMS advantage turns into a basic factor. Through voice SMS or mass voice SMS, you can send pre-recorded voice notes, music, or any kind of sound message to any flexible framework the entire route the country over.

What is the utility of a Voice SMS?

You can utilize this administration for an assortment of purposes, including, Official or General Declarations, Online Enrollment, Race and Political Crusade, Lead and Business age, Premium and EMI alarms, Brand Advancement Prescription, Occasion The board, Installment Update, Wellbeing Updates, and Stock Cautions.

Voice SMSVoice SMS

Getmysms Innovation will give all of you the administrations you require in such a manner. Regardless of whether you wish to put a mass voice call or a mass voice SMS, Getmysms will satisfy all your voice content informing needs. We are a voice SMS specialist co-op in Mumbai. We will give you an extraordinary arrangement so that there are no shrouded expenses and you don’t get a swelled bill toward the month’s end. You have the decision to send the SMS in your native language on the off chance that you like.

The arrangement that the voice SMS will be transferred is either MP3 or MP4. We will be that as it may, not be sending messages to DND numbers. In certain mobile phones, content to discourse benefit is accessible also. You can even timetable a battle previously to send your voice SMS to a huge group of onlookers at one go. As should be obvious, the administrations we give are extremely extensive and we take pride in conveying precisely what our clients require. In the event that you have any inquiry in regards to the way toward obtaining such an arrangement please call or email us your inquiries.

Voice Mass SMS you can utilize broadly to pursue purposes:-

  1. Race and Political Crusade
  2. Lead and Business Age
  3. Occasion The board
  4. Installment Update
  5. Online enlistment
  6. Brand Advancement
  7. General Declarations
  8. Medication and Wellbeing updates
  9. Stock Alarms
  10. Human services
  11. Protection Premium and EMI Alarms.

Voice SMS Highlights:

  • No setup charges, No month to month expenses, No concealed expenses.
  • Send Voice Message in your very own dialect.
  • Transfer the recorded voice in mp3 or Mp4 design.
  • IT bolster staff for ready heightening procedure.
  • Voice SMS won’t be conveyed on DND Numbers.
  • Add a human touch to your Voice message.
  • Content to Discourse Choice is accessible additionally Transfer versatile numbers documents.
  • Calendar Voice Battle.

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