White Name Reseller Program 

White Mark Program – Unbranded 

Our IVR benefits under a conventional setup with some constrained marking.

Private Name Program – Marked 

You get your own name, under your very own space name and with your very own safe SSL Key and log in, for aggregate marking. This requires extra setup, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us for subtleties.

Item Support and Preparing

We offer full help and preparing for our IVR Resellers and the white mark facilitated IVR Resellers.

Get up to half Limit off Administrations

By joining with our white name program you will be qualified to arrange certain administrations with an up to half discount.  Call us for subtleties on turning into a White Mark Reseller for Getmysms. To wind up an affirmed Reseller Get in touch with Us.

Administrator and Client Level Logins 

We give you ace login to every one of your records besides every one of your clients gets their own one of a kind login.  Along these lines, not of your client can ever observe each other’s information.

Get Your Own Login Page 

We can assemble a marked login page for you with your logo included. We can likewise give you the code you have to insert our login frame into your very own site.

 Call Detail and Client Use Reports 

Get reports for every one of your clients and charge them in like manner. Reports will show to you a total breakdown of minutes and exchanges for each record you set up.

 Moment Self Actuation 

Actuate your own records as needed.  Login to our gateway and enter few snippets of data to start your new records.

Cloud Reseller Programming

Reseller Program Subtleties Underneath: 

  • How the White Name Program Functions
  • We give you Reseller limits
  • We set up your records ahead of time
  • We let you start your records as required
  • We bill just as you start new records

Current Things Accessible for Exchange: 

  • IVR Installment Terminals
  • Pay by Telephone
  • Outsider Confirmation
  • Verbal Contracts
  • Outbound Call Recording
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Message Broadcasting
  • SMS Broadcasting
  • Investigative Call Following
  • Facilitated Call Recording
  • Cloud Telephone Administrations
  • Auto-Specialist and Voice message
  • Snap to Talk – Web Callback

White Name Reseller – Mass Requesting Limits: 

Get limits on requests sold in amounts. On the off chance you need to wind up a white mark Reseller or have your very own image then that implies you most likely likewise need the ability to turn accounts on or off as required and reaching no other person. On the off chance that self-improvement is the thing you are searching for, mass requesting is the best approach to go.  Requesting one thing at a nullifies the point of quick setups.  We get a kick out of the chance to set up a few records at the same time to streamline the procedure. You can have your records on the rack prepared to actuate in a flash as opposed to putting in a request and trusting that new setups will be modified.

White Mark Volume Limits 

  1. Request 5 things get 20-25% rebate
  2. Request 10 things get 25-30% markdown
  3. Request 25 things get 30-35% markdown
  4. Request 50 things get 35-40% markdown
  5. Request 100 things get 40-45% markdown
  6. Request 250 things get 45-half markdown



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