Cloud IVR Providers in India

Cloud IVR gives you the opportunity to computerize and control your most basic client contact point or business forms via telephone without overseeing complex communication framework.

Plums facilitated IVR stage and advancement apparatuses control the scope of voice applications that enhance the client encounter. These devices give you power over your self-benefit method and the adaptability to computerize complex client cooperations easily.Cloud IVR Providers in India

Including both PCI-DSS level 1 and HIPAA consistency, it enhances our cloud stage to safely deal with touch budgetary or therapeutic data.

100% Uptime

From the briefest line to the biggest server, each part in the Getmysms foundation has a reinforcement. Also, Plum’s stages have been tried by billions of calls since 2000. Together, this over the top thoughtfulness regarding taking out single purposes of disappointment alongside the development and security of our stages results in a constant administration which we gladly remain behind with a 100% uptime ensure.


Getmysms anchors and shields your application and information from computerized, physical, and social interruption vectors. Our PCI Level 1-consistent task stops gatecrashers at the firewall, at the entryway, and via telephone.

Catastrophe Recuperation

Behind our cloud administrations run three server farms, each worked to similar exclusive requirements for security, adaptation to internal failure, and versatility. In the event that your application must withstand anything The compelling force of nature, anarchy, or missteps may bring, you can rely on Getmysms for the catastrophe recuperation arrangements you require.


Regardless of whether you expect a hundred calls for each day or a million calls for every day, our foundation will scale with your voice application giving you a chance to concentrate on dealing with your clients.

Consistent Updates

Continuously up and coming, Plum underpins the broadest broadness of highlights including the most innovative innovation for content to-discourse (TTS), propelled discourse acknowledgment (ASR), IVR investigation devices and the sky is the limit from there.

Two extraordinary approaches to manufacture and convey

Fabricate your voice applications with either Plum Circuit for rapid plan and execution or Plum DEV for all the power and adaptability of voicemail.

                                                                Advantages of a Cloud-Based IVR

Intelligent voice reaction (IVR) frameworks have made considerable progress from the intricate, inheritance biological system they used to be. Organizations never again need to leave themselves to keeping up stale IVR call streams well past their lapse date, exposing clients to wasteful and disappointing encounters. The present inventive associations are building IVR frameworks with adaptable, cloud-based APIs and utilizing their IVRs to interface with clients in important new ways.

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                                                                                  Why You Need an IVR

Do you think IVRs are a misuse of cash, a bit much for your SMB or are very mushy, and you imagine that clients don’t care for interfacing with an IVR, or will be getting some distance from your business on the off chance that they are welcomed by an IVR, and also you think they are excessively difficult to setup, require modern communication or equipment or programming to introduce? In the event that you addressed indeed, humor us for one blog entry.

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