Getmysms is one of the best Bulk SMS Provider in all over India. It is the dissemination of large numbers of messages for delivery to mobile phones. It is used for marketing and fraud control in the banks.

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Bulk SMS Rates are:

  1. PROMOTIONAL SMS: 11 paise/ SMS, 98% Delivery, 6 Months Validity, Sender ID, 24/7 Support, DND – Delivery Timing As per Govt Terms.
  2. PRIORITY PROMOTIONAL SMS: 14 Paise/ SMS, Powerfull API, Unlimited Validity, Sender ID 24/7 Support, DND – Delivery Timing As per Govt Terms.
  3. TRANSACTIONAL SMS: 14 Paise / SMS, Powerful API, Unlimited Validity Sender ID, 24/7 Support, 24*7 Delivery.
  4. OTP SMS: 15 Paise / SMS, Powerfull API, Unlimited Validity, Sender ID, 24*7 Delivery.

Bulk SMS ProviderSMS marketing enjoys a greater conversion rate in comparison to conventional media, including TV, radio, and print

SMS contests have received participation from at least 25% of Indians on a regular basis

A response in some form, either as a direct inquiry or as a forward to others, can be expected for an SMS text message from at least 1 out 3 Indians living in urban areas.

This statistic has contributed sufficiently in helping bulk SMS providers generate good business in India.

The price of bulk SMS provider in India varies from one provider to the other. However, it could range from anything between 25 paise to 7 paise per SMS.

The rate, however, is inversely proportionate to the number of SMS being sent – the higher the number the lower the rate. Consequently, bulk SMS is regarded as one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to connect with your customer.