WhatsApp Blast Software: This software allows you to find active WhatsApp number from your main list of mobile contacts. It allows you to find the most active users on WhatsApp from your core list. And then, send them scheduled messages using Text, Images, Videos, Audio Files, and GPS Location over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Blast Software


Use Bulk WhatsApp Blast Software such as WhatsApp Bulk Sender which allows you to add unlimited WhatsApp numbers into the software and then you can scale your campaigns to up to any number of messages you want to send.

The software also allows you to send text, audio, video, image & vCard files to all the active WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Bulk Message platform messaging campaigns, by broadcasting messages with text, photos or videos. Only with our platform called: Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, you can create campaigns thru WhatsApp to your potential customers.


  • 25 paisa/SMS
  • Up to 9999
  • GST Rs. 2950


  • 23 Paisa/SMS
  • Up to 100000
  • GST Rs. 27140


  • 21 paisa/SMS
  • Up to 300000
  • GST Rs. 49560


  • 19 paisa/SMS
  • 300000 & above
  • GST Rs. 44840

Getmysms are multiple companies which provide WhatsApp marketing services these days. But, when it comes to accurate and 100% guaranteed delivery. This company comes in the top list of WhatsApp marketing Service providers list.

WhatsApp Blast Software Features

  1. User-Friendly Web Portal.
  2. Lifetime validity.
  3. Credit-based Plan.
  4. Send Multi-Media content.
  5. Multi-Language support.
  6. Get send history/campaign report.

There is a limit of 256 members in a single broadcast list but that’s not a limitation as 256 is a large number and you can create more broadcast lists if you want to share a message to multiple users. The main limitation is that the recipient must have your number saved in his contacts to receive your broadcast message.