Bulk watsapp marketing, How to Increase WhatsApp Marketing  Results?

How to Increase WhatsApp Marketing Results

Bulk sms marketing

Bulk watsapp marketing is a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program. Your bulk WhatsApp messages along with images or videos and unlimited characters. A video or picture is worth than thousand words.Bulk watsapp marketing

Perform Real Time Customer Service

Whether through chat, voice calls or video calls, WhatsApp offers you the opportunity to assist your customers and resolve their doubts in real time. Through this strategy, you not only manage to improve the quality of your service but also allow you to be loyal to your audience through a direct and personalized treatment.Bulk watsapp marketing

In this regard, we recommend you take advantage of WhatsApp Web to optimize your communications. It is about the desktop version of the application, which enables you to use the keyboard, microphone and PC camera, which is much more comfortable and productive.Bulk watsapp marketing

Capitalize on the Cross-Platform Advantage

When an app is cross-platform, it reaches social networks (and people) that aren’t currently in your social media wheelhouse. That’s great news all by itself! What makes it even better is the traffic analytics that give you insight into which networks are popular within your target audience.Bulk watsapp marketing

WhatsApp traffic analytics are abundantly available from many third-party sources, probably because it’s been developed from the early days using open source software. This offers data that can help you tweak your social media strategy and adjust your priorities as you look for the ideal target audience.

Create Broadcast Lists

Create lists related to specific topics, then blast one-way communications designed to increase engagement, much like you do on Twitter. For example, include links or invitations in your messages.Bulk watsapp marketing

Take Advantage of Group Chat

Group messages are shared among all members of a group, including responses from any participant of the group. Think “interactive.” This is especially useful when conducting focus groups. Or performing market studies prior to a product launch.

Enjoy Cost-Free Messaging

With WhatsApp, you can exchange messages without SMS costs. It’s available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. They can all message each other because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing.Bulk watsapp marketing

For added value, users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video, and audio media messages. This simple advantage has big benefits for both users and marketers. If you are trying to reach an international audience, WhatsApp can easily breach international borders.

Take Customer Support to a New Level

Although WhatsApp was designed for mobile devices, it’s compatible with desktop devices. So you can use it along with the other desktop applications for powerful customer support your customers can reach you directly and you can provide instant answers.Bulk watsapp marketing

The process is unique but very straight forward. Simply go to the web app site and scan the QR code on your screen. With a few simple instructions, you’re in!

Make Creative Offers and Promotions

Looking for a creative way to make new offers? WhatsApp may be just what you’re looking for.

Build User Loyalty

Collectively, the group lists in WhatsApp have exhibited more brand loyalty than other social media groups. Similarly, brand personas seem to have developed a good rapport with their followers. This is reinforced with the tools mentioned above, like push notifications, group chats, and broadcast lists.Bulk watsapp marketing

Engage Directly with Phone Calls

You have the option of using WhatsApp to make sales calls through their own built-in version of VOIP. So, when you get a customer request as when someone asks for more information or wants to talk with a salesperson WhatsApp allows you to respond right away.

Maintain Quality Content, Even in a Message App

Since WhatsApp’s core purpose is messaging, make your messages short and powerful. But don’t worry too much about length. Unlike Twitter, you’re not limited to 140 characters.Bulk watsapp marketing

Incorporate Curated Content

As with your other social channels, you can send curated as well as original content. Keep in mind, although the format is different than Facebook, the general philosophy about content should apply. That includes ratios between curated versus created content.

Know Your Audience

Make every word count. If your writing style and word choices don’t resonate with your audience, you’ll see little if any engagement.Bulk watsapp marketing

Remember, It’s Not Always About You

Apply the dinner party analogy. How many times have you been to one (in mixed company) where you encounter people stroking their own ego and only talking about themselves? Remember the big crowd of people around them? Enough said.Bulk watsapp marketing

Develop Rapport with Your Customers

Share your WhatsApp Contact details on your website and other social media networks.  This will let your customers know they can reach your mobile directly.  Although it’s not a requirement, try to use WhatsApp after you’ve developed a rapport with your customers.Bulk watsapp marketing