Bulk SMS WhatsApp service

Bulk SMS WhatsApp service is the biggest and great marketing tool. WhatsApp Marketing Campaign gives us an ideology to increase our business. We help our clients for WhatsApp promotions with contents and creative that can attract more clients for their business. We are of the finest brands providing Bulk Whatsapp service. As, WhatsApp messaging is trending these day we never fail to deliver good quality to our customers.

Besides that, there are other ways to take advantage of this app to promote your business and increase your conversions. This is demonstrated by numerous companies around the world, who clearly see the potential of this tool to increase sales.

One of them is the brand of Vodka Absolut, you check the huge introduction of Whatsapp in Argentina (84% among mobile users) Decided to take advantage of the application to celebrate the special edition of one of its products, by launching an exclusive event.

In order to attend Absolut’s party, people had to try to convince Steve (a character created by the brand) to include them on the guest list. They had to send photos, text messages, audios and all kinds of content as creative as possible, via WhatsApp chat. The result was a total success.

Bulk SMS WhatsApp service

We provide two types of account in this panel. One is user Pannel – which can be used by users to send messages. And the second, Reseller Pannel , which can be used by resellers .

  • You can type upto 2000 characters
  • We are provide the quality services
  • Easy Go SMS has the panel that will support you to send on any quantity of Contact NOs Simultaneously
  • Easy Go SMS has the will have facility to upload CSV file of Contacts in one go
  • Entire interface is build considering the customer edge
  • 24X7 Support in case any queries by means of Call, SMS, and Email Only jpg image will be places and size is 5MB , Video 5 MB, PDF 5 MB maximum only.
  • ALL language including International Languages supported.
  • Delivery timing will be 30 Min -3 hours after submission if route is not busy it will delivered before also .
  • Submission time from 9am to 8pm.


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