WhatsApp marketing, a new revolution in digital marketing campaign, has brought an enormous change in the way people promote their services & products. It’s the smartest and the most popular messaging platform. In today’s digital age, it is more than just a messenger and is now a tool used universally at all business level as an integral part to promote their services & products. Now make your messages more understandable and sufficient with unlimited number of characters. Apart from the normal text messages, Bulk WhatsApp messages can support multiple media files for brand communication.

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign:

  • Self Administered Platform
  • Personalized whatsApp messages
  • Polls thru WhatsApp
  • Brand Positioning
  • Increase Sales and Brand exposure
  • API documentation + API key
  • Customizable Sender ID

WhatsApp marketing campaign is a great idea to grab the attention of targeted audience who are looking out for your brand. But, always keep in mind that unnecessary spamming is unacceptable and a big no-no when it comes to arousing customers’ interest.

Engaging content: When you think of bulk WhatsApp marketing, quality must always be on your mind. After you build a good consumer base, focus on providing them valuable content on relevant topics. As most of the users are mostly hooked on the app, you can get their attention by posting engaging content for free.

Great customer service: Apart from being a WhatsApp bulk sender, know what your customers really want. You must be ever ready to attend to customer queries no matter what. Getting a query and not responding for a long time is a big letdown for the customers. So, appoint a customer service person to handle the queries in time. And don’t forget to see if he is doing his job well. You can have more people to help him if required.